Wireless Audio Multi-Room 

Wireless Audio Multi-Room is the latest and fastest growing trend in the multi-room audio distribution. First implemented about 10 years ago, this has now become almost the standard for the implementation in certain situations when, for whatever reason, it is difficult or undesirable to make a cabled connection.


Currently there are two recognized leaders in this area – the Japanese company HEOS (Denon) and the American Sonos.

There are two main types of devices: with the built-in speakers and without. The ones without built-in speakers can be either amplifiers (in order to connect conventional speakers, for example, a separate system in the office or bedroom), or only with the pre-out, using a linear (non-regulated ) output for connection to any existing audio / video.

In order to work, all the players require 220V electrical outlet and connection to the Internet. All the players can operate on LAN and WiFi networks.

There is are no dedicated remote controllers or panels in order to operate those systems. All controls, whether it is to control a single player or an entire network, are done through mobile devices – smartphones, iPods, tablets, and applications for desktop computers. Those applications are simple and intuitive for all users, regardless of their technical knowledge.

There is a maximum of 32 units that can be installed in one system. Once initial setup is completed,  the system is ready to use.

This kind of wireless system is by no means any less capable then the dedicated wired system. It allows playback from any local and remote storage locations, mobile devices, internet-radio and streaming music providers (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer etc).

Additionally, both Sonos and HEOS deliver high quality sound-bars and wireless subwoofers. What it means is that a client can assemble a full 5.1 system (sound-bar, subwoofer and two surround speakers) without any extra wiring!

Wireless audio multi-room is a relatively new, but already very popular and established approach to creating a good quality audio network in both residential and commercial premises.

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