To provide sound for a multi-room audio system, almost any speaker system is suitable for the task.


However, there are two types which are being in most case: bookshelf speakers and built-in (in-wall and in-ceiling) speakers. Both of those systems can be the water, moisture and thermos resistant. Additionally, many manufacturers produce all-weather equipment, allowing them to be installed in bathrooms, saunas, yacht, terraces and gardens.

Another type of speakers, sometimes called “architectural”, comes in various shapes and forms, such as rocks (Boston Acoustics), columns, vases, lamps, subwoofers designed to be installed under the ground (niles gss10) etc. Although this particular type is usually oriented towards high-end clients, during the last couple of years we saw an arrival of several more affordable models.


Generally, most speakers used for multi-room systems may be installed in traditional ways – placed on the floor / shelves or mounted on a wall or ceiling brackets. It is considered that such speakers are capable of providing the highest quality for its value. In principle, the installation of this type of system is no different from the usual Hi-Fi system, except that in this case the speakers are connected to a more advanced amplifier. The most common areas of installation are living rooms, outdoor areas, home cinemas, sports centers.

Built-in speakers are used when the goal is make a multi-room system as inconspicuous as possible. As a rule, embedded speakers are installed in bathrooms, hallways, corridors, kitchens, swimming pools. The actual speaker is covered by a decorative cover (lattice). All latest models include a magnetic cover which simply attaches to the top of the speaker, blending it with the interior. Standard factory finish is usually matte white, but can be ordered in matte black or painted in any color to fit the décor.

Built-in speakers can be integrated in the ceiling and in the walls. There are three main speaker shapes available – round, square and rectangular. For many models, there is a conversion kit that can be used – if, for example, client orders a round speaker and then, for whatever reason, it must be replaced by a square one, the conversion kit allows you to easily do just that.

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