Shades & Awnings

Easy, simple yet highly beneficial

We all have shades and awnings in our homes, so why not make them smart? By automating your Shades and Awnings you can effortlessly control them all through simple pushes of buttons. And the best thing about them is that you can set specific automation based on your habits.

If you enjoy sleeping in pure darkness and enjoy waking up to the morning sun naturally, automating your home’s shades will create a curated and personalised habit that will shut and open your shades at the times you choose fit.

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Looking to upgrade and control your outdoor or indoor natural light?

Our Video solutions take into account your desires for a neat and elegant outdoor place. Whether you want a relaxing and cosy outdoor entertainment room filled with all the perfect furniture to match your home and uplift your entertainment, or a simple outdoor TV mount, we tailor our solutions to your wishes.

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