TV/Video Solutions

TV/Video & Home Cinema

With a professionally installed system, your living/media room can be transformed into something magical, with eye-popping crystal clear images that can truly bring the full theater experience into your home!

Most home theaters start with a cinema-sized, high-definition image, and TD Sat & Sound offers front projection systems capable of producing stunning, larger-than-life sized images. Or we can install a large 4K SUHD or Plasma panel TV to serve as the focal point of your theater system.

These large displays also make your home the place to be to watch the big game or serie!

Audio is the other half of the home theater experience, with discreetly placed speakers sonically transporting you to another world.

While home theater systems typically consist of five speakers and a subwoofer (referred to as 5.1), newer technologies such as Dolby Atmos add additional channels – up to 11.1 – for a truly over-the-top cinematic experience!

An exciting new trend for smaller rooms or areas where multiple speakers aren’t practical are soundbars that can create simulated surround experience from a single speaker or at least make the sound better that those of the TV

Whatever your budget or design needs, TD Sat & Sound offers a variety of speaker systems and styles – bookshelf, on-wall, in-wall, in-ceiling, Hidden in wall/Ceiling, floorstanding – that are sure to blow you away!