Upgrading and Automating your business premises with Smart Systems – your decision to take that important step forward

Smart systems for the commercial installations are often overlooked unless a complete remodeling is taking place. As a place of your business, being up to date is just as important and useful as in your private home.

Use technology to connect systems and devices like lighting, security cameras, door locks, heating and air conditioning. It's a simple way to increase security and efficiency in your work and living spaces.

TD Sat & Sound is ready to handle any audio/video, automation or surveillance needs for your establishment as well.

Do not underestimate the importance of new improvements: your indoor and outdoor sound can be better, your energy bills lower, your office more comfortable to work in. When it comes to integrating smart systems into business premises, it is nearly always considered to and turns out to be a solid investment in yours and your business’s future.

Our company has designed and installed several systems in various locations on Costa del Sol during the past 10 years.


Whether it is your office, restaurant, nightclub or a warehouse which needs an efficient security system, automated lights, heating / cooling system or an audio/video solution – we can help you with it!


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