Multi-Room Audio System?

Multi-Room audio system – is a network of audio distribution throughout the premises, controlled by touchscreen panels, mobile devices and / or by a universal remote control.

As we have already mentioned, this system can be centralized or local. The structure of a local system is very clear – it involves a direct placement of the necessary modules in the required amount, from one to thirty-two per system, and add them as add more when needed.

However, this particular type of multi-room is not suitable for all installations, such as homes with more complex home automation system, or in offices, hotels and business premises. In those cases it is common to use centralized systems of varying degrees of complexity.

There are several examples of a centralized system:

1. The simplest level – multiply audio source (Network / MP3 / CD / FM / USB etc), 4 to 12 channel amplifier (4 – 12 speakers), local volume controls. This is the most common structure used in apartments, restaurants, cafes, small offices, sports clubs.

2. The second level is an upgrade of the previous system: in-wall keypads, partial ability to control the playback by mobile devices, ability to control a higher number of separate audio zones (for some devices).

3. The next level – completely centralized system with multi zone amplifiers, audio matrices and high-end speakers set up throughout the house. All content is managed by in-wall (and/or portable) touch screen panels and mobile devices. Playback is possible to from any connected source in any zone. Touchscreen panels allow arbitrary programming features, GUI elements, system feedback. The number of zones can be almost arbitrary, signal sources – any. The sound quality is superior to all other systems.

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