Multi-Room AV Receivers

If you don’t have any special requirements towards independent multi-room setup and only wish to cover 1-2 rooms, in this case we can offer to setup a 2-3 zone AV-receiver.

Some recent AV-receivers, in addition to supplying the room with the surround sound of your choice, can further cover up to 3 additional zones.


That’s 2 more in addition to your home theater system area. Zones 2 and 3 are powered by the built-in receiver amplifiers (in case of 9 built-in amplifiers, 5 will go towards your main area, or Zone 1, and the remaining 4 can power Zone 2 and Zone 3. Using an external amplifier, Zone 4 can also be added to the system.

However, its important to remember that AV receiver-based multi-room design has its limitations and can never replace a true matrix-based system.

Firstly, there is only one chip processing digital sources (USB, HDMI, Internet radio, streaming servers).Therefore, you cannot use more than version of a digital source in separate rooms. For example, if we listen to Spotify in the kitchen, other streaming services (Tidal, TuneIn etc) wont’ be available in the bedroom or living room (Zone 2 and 3). However, analog sources can be combined and streamed to all zones according to your preferences.

Secondly, to combine different zones and use single volume control is possible on one receiver only. Two or more AV receivers simply cannot work in unified controlled group. This differs from the true multi-room system, where any number of zones may be grouped and ungrouped randomly.


The most common way to manage different zones of a multiroom receiver is via mobile devices – tablets and smartphones (although it is possible by a remote control) connected to the same WiFI network. All system information such zone status, playback update, playlist info etc is shown on the mobile device’s display. Moreover, most of the multizone AV receivers are easily integrated in most home automation systems:  Control 4, RTI, Crestron, AMX, Savant, and others.


The biggest advantage of purchasing a multi-zone AV receiver- a relatively low cost of the system.

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